Sentinel Protection Installer

Sentinel Protection Installer 7.6

Adds security measures to software and hardware
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Create additional protection measures against unwarranted access, pirating or misuse of any compatible software application or hardware device. The suite creates access restrictions assigning login and password requirements to specific applications or at the system start.

Sentinel Protection enables the use of either software- or hardware-based protection keys to enforce software protection and licensing. With Sentinel Protection you can increase your profits by protecting against losses from software piracy and intellectual property theft and enable innovative business models to increase value and differentiate your products.
The Sentinel Protection Installer is an integrated installer of the following components:
- System Driver: The device driver for communicating with the following
hardware keys:
- Hardware Key
- Dual Hardware Key
- UltraPro Key
- SuperPro Key
- Pro Key
- Security Runtime: Sentinel Security Runtime is a program that provides runtime for the security of Sentinel SuperPro software keys (Secure Soft and Evaluation
Soft) on a local machine.

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